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Regulations & Compliance

The Coffee Industry Corporation Limited whilst it is a company registered under the Companies Act of Papua New Guinea, is at the same time vested with statutory functions and powers relating to the control and regulation of the coffee industry in the country. These functions and powers are implemented by the Industry Regulations section of the CIC and aims to maintain premium quality of PNG Coffee.

The CIC Ltd under the Act states that coffee is not to be exported directly except by the CIC. It however legislates and issues licenses out to private companies to be coffee dealers. Coffee dealers are licensed using a set of Standing Policy Guidelines. The Industry Regulations section manages and enforces Regulatory Functions of the industry in order for the dealers to operate within the standing policy requirements for a sustainable coffee industry.

The regulatory and compliance functions is comprised of three key units including inspections and licensing, export and quality controls.

Registration Guidelines

Registration Guidelines for Manufacturers, Processors and Exporters are available for download as pdf files. These documentation provides information on regulatory processes adopted by the CIC for regulation purposes. Go to our download page to view or download these documents.

The Coffee Industry

The coffee industry of Papua New Guinea has seen a number of changes since coffee was first introduced into the country. These changes have been necessary in order to sustain it.



The Coffee Industry Corporation has also been given the mandate to conduct both scientific and economic studies through its Research and Grower Services Division (R&GSD). The aim of these research activities are to improve efficiency and productivity within the coffee industry. Research activities are conducted in lieu of identified farmer needs and are implemented on a demand-driven approach which tries to address these needs. The studies are then documented in a variety of publications and disseminated through various media for stakeholder consumption.

State-of-the-art facilities are located at the R&GSD which provide multi-skilled researchers attached to the division with necessary resources for conducting of specific research activities. Over the years since its establishment research findings have greatly assisted the Papua New Guinea Coffee Industry.

Scientific Research

The Research and Grower Services Division located in Aiyura, Eastern Highlands Province, carries out scientific research on the following:

  • Crop Improvement - agronomy, breeding, soils and plant nutrition.
  • Crop Protection - pathology and entomology.
  • Post Harvest - appropriate post harvest technologies, coffee waste management and coffee quality research.

All research activities are designed and implemented to provide a sustainable coffee industry.

Economic Research

This research is conducted by the Industry Operations Division but also R&GSD assists through multidisciplinary efforts. This research program specifically addresses impact projects developed by the CIC through evaluation of the impact these projects have on the livelihood of coffee farmers in the country. The evaluation results are then used as yardsticks to determine the sustainability of each research project and whether it attains its projected impact.



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