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Kapmawapo farmers are located approximately 12km South-East of Kundiawa town in the Sinesine-Yongomugl district of the Simbu Province. The group is situated next to the main Highlands highway. 

Kapmawapo is a smallholder group that owns about 8 hectares of coffee trees and is able to produce 50 bags of parchment during the peak season.  They have easy access to roads and are along the main Highlands highway.

The group has good clean running water, mini wet mill and raised drying beds for drying parchment.

Kapmawapo coffees were assessed by the overseas Q graders and cup results show a high score of 82.5 points with chocolate, caramel and floral aromas and sweet, fruit, blackcurrant sweet citrus, tropical fruit cup, good body and cools well.


They have very high opportunity to access overseas specialty markets.

Green Coffee Nutrient Contents Garden Information Soil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1% Altitude: 1716 - 1920 masl pH: 5.33
Copper: 14mg/kg Soil Type: Clay Loam Calcium: 20.34 me%
Fat: 10.90 me% Coffee Variety: Magnesium: 4.05 me%
Iron: 70 mg/kg Typica, Bourbon & Arusha Potassium: 0.47 me%
Phosphorus: 0.36% Landform: Flat Sodium: 0.18 me%
Potassium: 1.80% Annual Rainfall: 2200 mm CEC: 29.10 me%
Protein: 12.90% Temperature: BS: 85.8%
Sodium: <0.01% 28.5 Degree Celsius during the day Olsen P: 4.04 mg/kg
Zinc: 13mg/kg   Organic: 6.05%
Bean Size Screens: 17.5/17   Total N: 0.40%
CIC Grade: AA/B   C/N (ratio): 15.25
    Mg:K (ratio): 9.00

Location of Kapmawapo Coffee Farmer Group


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